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A New is A Scientific Psychology, unlike anything that has gone before…..
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John David Klein

"This insightful journalist brings his reporting experience to
good use on this rich body of psychological thought.

T. George Harris, former editor PSYCHOLOGY TODAY

A New Psychology Truly Based in Science

Ask anyone in the discipline. “Could there be an alternative”? It is one of those questions that hang around in the background but rarely is it asked out loud. Those who might ask it are usually intellectually sophisticated so they believe they know the answer.  Of course given the options of Modern Psychology most can’t easily imagine the possibility of a genuine New Psychology. But the truth is, yes, there can be and there is A New Psychology.

Can psychology become a True Science and hold more surety as for example chemistry? The answer is also “Yes.” The book is called A NEW PSYCHOLOGY.COM: Seeing the Unseen. The dot com is because it is the site, but more importantly it is to differentiate it from the hundreds of other books billed as “new psychology.” In this case this work is an authentic new scientific psychology. As British philosopher, Susan Haack, put it: The remarkable successes of the natural sciences are due, not to a uniquely rational scientific method, but to the vast range of “helps” to inquiry devised by generations of scientists to overcome natural human limitations.

As with the natural sciences the discipline of psychology also has its own previous generations “to overcome natural human limitations.” But for too long we have overlooked them, substituting whatever is in fashion at the moment. This alternative A New is based on long established principles and observational practices, which integrate the healing of the entire human being. The systems of true and honest science can be used in the healing of those who need it. 

As a personal aside, I am a reporter who formed the original ideas of the book early in life. In college I studied psychology, and in my 20s I had spent time with one very gifted psychoanalyst after going through a few not so gifted. 

Consequently when beginning the book I had mostly positive views of the discipline. It was only while doing research for A New Seeing the Unseen that I came to understand that though there are so many exceptional and dedicated people, still in general, Modern Psychology has failed. 

                                 There is Need for A New Psychology 

One of the major ongoing news stories of the last fifty years continually goes unreported. And the surprising reason it is unreported is just as important as the story itself. You can only recognize bits and pieces of the full story as they come filtered through the daily headlines that show we are in terrible trouble.

For example, the unexplained school shootings are now averaging about one a week in the U.S. While workplace shootings/stabbings are now about once a day. They are still epidemics, but the ongoing incidents are not reported as often because these murders are now so commonplace they merely make the local news; national reportage comes only with a major body count. Another piece, the overall suicide rate has jumped by about 25 percent since 1999. The news story says, “The question of what has driven the increases is unresolved, leaving experts to muse on the reasons.” They are also musing on the inexplicable surge in Autism, ADHD, dyslexia and (childhood) schizophrenia.

Similarly, because the numerous statistics are not reported collectively, we don’t grasp that we have become a severely drugged-out nation. If you add it up, you discover most of the population is drugged-out on some form of pills, illegal and legal, or food used as a drug, or booze or grass. In parts of the country police now routinely find heroin users unconscious or dead in white, urban and suburban areas on buses, in cars, in restaurant bathrooms and in parks, hospitals and libraries. Accordingly the majority-white-female population is catching up in drug overdose deaths.

Additionally, statistically in general we are also physical sicker than previous generations and even worse, we seem to have accepted our sickness as the new “norm.”  And since the complete news-pattern is buried there doesn’t seem to be an incentive to change.

Nevertheless you can consider these as a single sourced news story, for these bizarre patterns are all psychosomatically interconnected, interrelated by cause. It is not a sporadic trickle of singular events, but an unrelenting flow of abnormalities from the same single source. Nothing like this surreal pattern of behaviors has ever occurred before in human history!  Modern Psychology cannot explain it. In fact to protect itself, it remains statically monolithic and refuses to recognize the pattern’s existence or the single cause.

                                              Just As Important

The second part of this unreported major story: Modern Psychology does not work, as it should. For if it worked, the pattern of mental and physical sickness in our society would be recognized and addressed and we would not be forced to live with and within this growing 21st century grotesquery.

Yet its power is nearly incalculable, for it has made itself the arbitrator of our reality-interpretation, the final authority in making the laws affecting every part of our lives. Check the legal definition of religion; American law says you don’t need a god to be a religion. Thus Modern Psychology has become our de facto doctrine, the official American Religion replacing all other religions as the authorized moral arbitrator. Still it insists it is a science rather than a religion.

                                              Fresh Eyes Of New Explorers

Modern Psychology shines at being able to delineate and give names to 200 different of what it calls “disorders,” but it cannot solve the majority of problems that plague us. It is not only those who are being treated that suffer from the officiated misperception of mental health. The book in many ways is for the half-million-plus professional mental health workers who must do the daily face-to-face work of healing. So many of these dedicated workers are frustrated, stymied and unfulfilled, for they are forbidden from using all their conceivable tools for healing. They must memorize the ever increasing legal classifications, categories and names, but the allowable and often-compassionate paths they could take for their clients and patients recovery are cut short. To step beyond the permissible paths they could lose their licenses, their jobs or even worse.

The true laborers in the human mind-fields did not choose an easy profession or path, for they have to work with what they are given. These shackled professionals who give so much are forced to use tools that can never properly do the job. It is as if they were provided with plumber’s tools to build a sofa. There is enormous and often painful effort and yet given only wrenches, plungers and ball-peen hammers they cannot construct an easy place of recumbence. So those professionals silently desire and yearn for something more all-inclusive, some instrumentalities that will allow them to more effectively help those who come to them for healing.

A New Psychology.Com: seeing the unseen is not anti education or anti psychology, but as you will see we must do without some forms of very EARLY education and many of the trembling, wobbly foundations of present day of Modern Psychology. As you read it, realize it is an explorer’s map, for the human mind must be re-explored and re-charted. You are appreciated because the fresh eyes of new explorers and innovative mapmakers are needed.

Thank you, John David Klein         

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