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 Is fully based in Scientific Psychology, yet not the previous branches of science expected.    

"This insightful journalist brings his reporting experience to good use on this rich body of psychological thought."

-T.George Harris, former editor of  PSYCHOLOGY TODAY


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 The book is FLYNN EFFECT CAUSE can be bought here and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Ibook. The book gives you the true Cause of this so far unexplainable. For the first time you see the scientific reason for the phenomena of the Flynn Effect.


It also explains why modern psychology must change. It must take itself out of speculation and root itself in science. 


The mystery of the Flynn Effect is the distinctive trend in measured I.Q.s Intelligence Quotients. So far it’s been unexplainable for test score increases have been continuous and approximately linear from the first years of worldwide testing until the present time. 

A lot of talented people have devoted a good portion of their professional lives to finding out what makes the Flynn Effect.  Psychology must be science. It cannot continue in the same static false-science that is presently envisioned.

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