New Education


If you want to be creative, stay in part a child, with the creativity and invention that characterizes children before they are deformed by adult society.”


The numbers show something is incredibly wrong with the way things are going in education. There is an increasing acceleration in the growing number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. In addition, a number of parents are justifiably alarmed at what seem to be escalating numbers of normal children beginning to suffer from Dyslexia, ADD and other such “disorders.” Likewise children in general are more anxious and depressed than ever before. Appallingly, psychopathy in very young children just reaching age two or three is becoming more common.


As a national news reporter I experienced first hand myriad examples of Americans, adult, teen and children who are increasingly on some form of mood altering drugs. What have we become? A NATION OF ADDICTS! If you add up the number of people on prescription drugs along with those who drink “heavily,” and those that take illegal drugs, then include the increasing number of obese resulting from food overindulgence, food as a mood-altering drug, you have most of the population. You will find here that this is the result of inadequately learning who and what we truly are, a lack of both intellectual and emotional knowing.


We base our educational systems on the idea that information and procedures from the outer must be imprinted within. “Well how else is the child going to learn arithmetic if you don’t teach it numbers?” But as the outer arithmetic and languages are early enforced from without, if you look closely you will see how these exterior didactic processes destroy the possibility of the innate kinds of natural knowledge unfolding from within, again, FROM WITHIN. This systematic mass destruction of what we are born with is a relatively new phenomenon of only the past one hundred years or so, because we only recently have stopped accepting the possibility of such a phenomena.


You probably know that the word “education” comes from several similar Latin root words. Primarily it comes from “educare” meaning “to bring up,” and “educere” which means “to draw out from within,” or to “lead forth.” The ancients understood education is also about bringing out that which is within, not just enforcing from the outside. 


We confuse and then teach a confused version where we intermingle and substitute symbols for reality and insist they are reality. Both Eastern and Western cultural traditions traditionally appreciated the unseen complexities of our inner development. Presently though in a misapprehension of progress we have jettisoned this awareness of the inner; only the few surviving of what we consider "primitive cultures" continue to value and honor these universal stages as a needed element of human existence.


Modern education does not fully take these stages into consideration; in fact it does not even recognize the existence and purpose of the essential stages. That’s not a moral condemnation, it is just not the direction of its interest. This book is about altering that misdirection. We must recognize that there is too much suffering to continue continuing on the course we are on now.